RMHC Volunteer
RMHC’s biggest volunteer issue is not the number of people that sign up, it’s what they sign up for. The majority of their volunteers
sign up to cook dinner (and the majority of those want to make spaghetti) and the client asked us to come up with a way to let people
know about the multitude of other ways they could help out around the house during the summer.

We knew that moms, our number one target, want to spend more time with their kids when they’re out of school for the summer and used
this knowledge to create a site for them. The RMHC Summer Scrapbook site was a parallax site that positioned the volunteer activities
in terms of summer memories.

The companion Facebook App allowed volunteers to upload their pictures and create a digital scrapbook page that was posted into the
RMHC Summer Volunteers album and could be shared with friends.

Parallax Site

Facebook App
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